Monday, November 19, 2012

Enjoying the Weather

It's been awhile since I have posted photos of Lillian and Claire, mostly because I have been terrible at taking them. Today the weather was beautiful, afternoon high in the mid-60s and sunny. The girls and I ended up spending a good chunk of the afternoon outside. They first asked to play in the front with chalk and then we headed to the back yard and they made pies and ice cream out of leaves. They played until the sun went down.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Speech Screening

For awhile now I have had my concerns about Lillian and Claire's speech development. They are just a month away from turning four, but there are still many times I have to have them repeat several times what they are saying in order to try and catch what they are saying. Both girls, Claire especially, has troubles saying "Claire" correctly, comes out at Gee. I am able to understand about 75% of what they are saying, Josh can understand them most of the time as well, but I know many others struggle. Because of this, I scheduled them a speech screening and took them in for that on Wednesday. After a long afternoon and a lot of paperwork for me, I was asked to come back to speak with a parent educator and we discussed the results of their Dial-4 screening. The Dial-4 assessed areas of gross and fine motor, language, concept and then I filled out a questioner on their self-help and social awareness. As expected, they were right on track with everything but language. They both have articulation and sound issues and are being suggested for further assessment from speech pathologist. A team will go over their results from the first screening and determine if they think Lillian and/or Claire will need to come in for further testing. If so, they will give me a call, hopefully soon, and set up a time.
After talking to a few people about their results, I have been asked about how I feel about the results and if I am at all upset. When I was young I had speech issues and for many years could not correctly say the /r/ sound. After years of speech therapy, I perfected it. Josh also had speech problems when he was young. It's not at all uncommon for young children to have troubles with their speech in some form or another, but is also something that with help and hard work, can eventually be corrected. So no, I am not upset that they might have to go through speech therapy, I am ready to get them the help they need.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Do other children call McDonald's, Old McDonald's? Lillian and Claire have been calling the golden arches Old McDonald's for many months now. I have no idea how the tied the song to the chain.

When asking for input on our weekly menu, I asked Claire what was something she would want for dinner this coming week, her answer, chicken fried steak. Again, is this normal?

Unsharpened pencils quickly become magic wands in our house. At the library yesterday they had a display case showing 4 different prizes you could enter to win because of the locations 20th anniversary. Anyway, one of the employees came over while the girls and I were looking at the books and she mentioned a Pete the Cat book that was in the case. Instead of getting excited over the book, Claire yells in the library with full excitement that she wants a pencil that is in the case.

These girls will do pretty much anything for a glow stick, necklace, wand, bracelet and flip out if they catch you throwing away the used ones.

9 out of 10 times Claire puts her own shoes on, they are on the wrong feet.

When the living room windows are open, even if they are not, they like to sit by the window and yell "hi" to people walking by our house. They wave and say hi to strangers while shopping and get dissapointed if someone doesn't respond to them.

I love how they leave the "S" off when they say snuggle and just say nuggle.

They get excited to start our prayer at dinner and make sure everyone closes their eyes and folds their hands.