Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Program

Last week Monday, we had a little Thanksgiving program and pot luck at school. Each class sang a couple songs and then we sang one as a large group. Sadly, I didn't get to take many pictures, because I had to have my teacher hat on and try to keep my class sitting nicely, but I did manage to snap one and Josh was able to make it and I think I saw him trying to take a few photos. Anyway, Lillian and Claire did fantastic. Claire really got into all the motions for the songs and sang in a loud voice. Lillian held back a little, but she wasn't shy, that's for sure.
After all the songs, we were able to feast on some delicious food and I was able to put my mommy hat back on for a short time.
I love that I am right across the hall from them and can be there for all the events for school, but it is also so difficult not always being able to be that mom who can stand there taking photo after photo or putting all my focus on just them. I love those few moments at the events though when I do get to be mommy and not just teacher. 

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