Friday, April 27, 2012

MoM's for a Cure

A wonderful friend of mine, Angela, was diagnosed with breast cancer last August. She created a blog to document and share her story. She has fought with a smile on her face and has won her battle.
I met Angela through my online community of moms of multiples, which I have talked about many times in this blog. I have said it many times before and I will say it again, this group of women is amazing and have been there to love and support me since the day after I found out I was pregnant with twins almost 4 years ago. Well, the reason I am talking about these women again is because they have amazed me yet again. An online raffle has been put together to support Angela's Susan G. Koman walk team, "Team Pretty in Pink." All of the money raised for this raffle will go directly to her team to help find a cure. There are tons of great prizes available, gift cards, jewelry, delicious chocolates, and if you live in southern California, a photo shoot. I made a set of hair clips which are a part of the raffle as well. Please take a few minutes to take a peek, make a donation and win something wonderful.

MoM's for a Cure

Friday, April 20, 2012

Giving it a Go

I put off posting about it because last time I think I jinxed it, but both the girls have now gone about 3 weeks spending all day and night in undies. That's right folks, no more pull ups! We have had one or two accidents in those few weeks, but nothing major and they are so proud of themselves.
We have a step stool that they can use to use the toilet by themselves and to reach the sink to wash hands. They have recently decided that they are big girls and don't always require the stool to wiggle their bottoms onto the toilet. It is a little big of a struggle for them to get up there, but they always say, "look, I'm I big girl now."
I love that we are finished with diapers and pull ups for the girls. Of course, I have one month left with my little guys and then we can rid the house of all diapers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Trip

On Good Friday, we took out first trip of the season to Deanna Rose. We headed over there with some of our friends from Pro Deo and the girls, of course had a blast. We took the wagon, but our big girls insisted on walking as much as possible, and they did. We had them ride on the longer stretches of path when there wasn't much to see, otherwise it would have taken double the length of time to get around.

 The girls loved the goats. They have been a favorite of theirs since their first trip there almost two years ago. By the way, I just went back and looked at the photos I posted from that trip, they look so tiny and sweet. It is amazing what two years can do. :-)
 Along one of the paths, there were little benches, perfect size for Lillian and Claire. I asked them to sit down so I could try and get a photo of them together and looking. At first they sat down on two different benches and gave me great big smiles. Finally, the moved to the same bench and were so sweet and loving to each other. Sadly, the few of them looking and with big grins turned out blurry. Isn't that the way it always happens?
 I love these!

What is usually one of our first stops was one of our last stops of the day for this trip. They fed the baby goats bottles. It is funny, Josh stood in the long line waiting to purchase two bottles of milk for the girls to give the goats. Since it was so busy there that day, they goats were not eating nearly as much since they were being fed all morning. Because of this, may of the other parents were growing impatient while their children were trying to feed the bottles and it took a long time. We had several families offer to let the girls finish off the bottles since they were ready to leave. I called Josh, he was able to get out of the long line, and the girls were still able to feed the goats.

 We could not leave Deanna Rose without the girls playing a little music with the cowbells. They had a ball.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter (finally)

As promised and only a week late, Easter. We had a great Easter this year. It was so nice having Josh home to spend the day with us and celebrate as a family. This year was especially fun, because the girls have been so excited to wear their special dresses to church and have the Easter bunny bring them lollipops. I have no idea where they got the idea in their head that the bunny will bring them lollipops, but oh well.

Growing up our baskets were always hidden around the house for us to search and find on Easter morning. I don't know if this is a normal thing to do or not, but it was for my family and since I loved the scavenger as a kid (and into my teenage years), I wanted to do this with the girls. Our hiding spots were not too tricky this year, but they loved the search and the excitement on their faces when they spotted their baskets was priceless.

 Yes, we did let them eat a lollipop first thing in the morning and before they ate breakfast.

After breakfast, everyone got dressed and ready for a wonderful Easter service at church. I think this service is and always has been one of my favorites. There is always so much excitement and passion buzzing around and it is infectious.

 Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim came with us to church and following, we all headed over to their house to meet up with Aunt Maggie and Uncle Baris for lunch and a small egg hunt for the girls. As usual, every group picture we took, someone wasn't smiling, blurry, looking at the camera, lifting their dress up, or picking their nose. I am not going to name the guilty parties, but just post the bests out of the bunch.

We had a lazy rest of the day after leaving Grandma and Grandpa's but it was wonderful. We had to cherish every moment, because I am sure next Easter Josh will be working.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am sorry that I have been slacking lately with the posts, especially with Easter pictures. I have been so drained lately and have had zero desire to upload photos off my camera and write everything out. I know it will be a week late, but I promise tomorrow (Sunday) I will make it a priority to get something up. I am finally caught up on all of my other projects, so my few minutes of quiet in the afternoon will be working on this. Really, that is the biggest down fall about the girls no longer taking naps, no time for me to actually get something done during the day. Yes, they have quiet time where they have to stay in bed for at least an hour, but that hour goes fast when that is all you have to yourself during the day.

I will do it, I promise.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs

Last Saturday while Josh was at work, Lillian, Claire and myself dyed Easter eggs. The day before I bought a Easter egg kit at the store and as soon as the girls noticed it, they were set to get to work. They did not want to have to wait until the following morning.
When morning finally came we kept very busy. After breakfast the girls headed outside to play in the backyard. After an hour back there, we headed to the driveway for chalk and bubbles, then off for a neighborhood walk. After a picnic lunch in the living room, I set up the table and we were ready to dye eggs. 

 They were all smiles the entire time we worked. They wanted to dye more eggs, but I had to help assure them that a dozen would be plenty. These girls love hard boiled eggs, so coloring one of their favorite foods into their favorite colors was like a dream come true.
 After all the eggs were colored and slightly dry, the decorated them with stickers. Of course, Claire was asking the entire process if she could eat an Easter egg.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For the past few weeks we have had temperatures reaching 80 degrees and higher. It has been wonderful spending so much time outside, but at times, this heat already seems unbearable. I didn't want to, but last week we had to turn our air conditioning on already. With the house full of little ones and the inside temps reaching 80 degrees during the day, we didn't really have any way around it. It pained me to turn the a/c on in March, but for the sake of the kiddos and my sanity, it had to be done. Of course, once we closed up the windows, every ones allergies seemed to do so much better, so it paid off.
Most days we will head outside in the morning, after lunch and again in the evening. The fresh air, sun and chance to run wild has made such a difference for all of us. The girls love playing with all their yard toys they have not seen since November. We filled their sand and water table with bird seed last week. It is so much work to fill with water, strip them down and dry them off after each use. The past few summers we had not used the table as often as we would have liked because of that. I told Josh that this year I wanted bird seed in the table. Sand is so difficult to clean up when it gets in shoes, hair, clothes and everything else. Bird seed can easily be swept, picked or cleaned up be little critters looking for a meal.
We have already had many meals where squirrels or birds come right up on the deck and have a nibble while we are sitting at the table. The girls get a kick out of watching them. Leia goes crazy, but she is protective of her yard and doesn't like anything even sitting on the back fence.

It is wonderful finally being to the point where we can send the girls out in the backyard by themselves to play while I get things done in the house. Of course, they come knocking on the door every few minutes to show me something or if it has been more than a few minutes I stick my head out to see what they are up to.

(Our backyard is completely fenced in and the gates are locked shut)