Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Wood Sign

I'm going to share a project that I am really proud of that I made (with the help of my wonderful husband) for my Dad and step mom for a Christmas gift this year. I have always felt that parents and grandparents are the most difficult people to buy presents for. After racking my brain for ideas on what I could purchase and coming up with nothing, I decided it was time to create. Last year I made them a lap quilt full of little green trees with the family cabin in mind. 
This year I wanted to make something for the new cabin that is currently under construction and a wood sign came to mind. First I enlisted Josh for help. He cut, pieced and screwed together some scrap wood we had in the garage. After finding the time and motivation, I used paint I used to paint all of the living room trim and our mantle last winter. While I was waiting for coats to dry, I decided it would be an excellent time to add a fresh coat of paint to all of our trim in the hallway. Two and a half hours later, I was ready for my second coat. 

 Several weeks prior I typed up and printed the words I wanted to paint onto the sign. I used sidewalk chalk (because that is what I had) and rubbed it on the backside of the paper and traced over my letters. It left the outline on the boards, but wiped away easily when I was done. I bought a paint pen so I could have better control that a paint brush and it worked perfectly.

 At the end, I wiped away all the excess chalk dust and I have a beautiful sign that is far from perfect, but I am proud of. My lines might not be straight and completely centered, but I love how it turned out and from what I could tell, it was a very well received gift. Hopefully this coming summer we will see it hanging in a finished cabin on our next trip up to Wisconsin.


  1. You are so talented! Love the sign and that quilt is stunning.

  2. Both projects are gorgeous! I want a cabin. ;)

  3. we Love the gift , love papaz