Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puzzle Love

Lillian and Claire have been obsessed with puzzles lately. Claire more than Lillian, but they both love them. Claire is a champ and is able to do most of the puzzles we have at home on her own as long as they have some sort of boarder. She has mastered the 25 piece board puzzles and is working on the ones without boarders. Lillian frustrates easily when she something doesn't come easy to her, so she asks for help with her puzzles. With help, Lillian complete a puzzle and is very proud of herself and quickly grabs for another. Earlier this past week I remembered we had a small stack of puzzles that one of Josh's coworkers gave us a few years ago. At the time, they were way too advanced for the girls, so they were tucked away in storage. While digging something else out, I spotted the puzzles and the girls started on them right away. They each had to complete every puzzle on the stack before going to bed that night.

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