Thursday, January 10, 2013

Speech and Check Up

Tuesday we had an afternoon full of appointments for the girls. Not too long ago I wrote about taking Lillian and Claire for a speech screening because we have had concerns about them being delayed. Last month we received a call that they qualified for further assessment, which was completely expected, and both girls took their turn with the speech pathologist going through the assessment. We set up an appointment to go over their result and that was Tuesday. Like I said before, we were fully expecting to hear they qualified for services, however, it took me completely off guard to hear that they both scored as a severe delay. I have another stack of paperwork to fill out and drop off before we can start their speech therapy. They will both receive 60 minutes a week, two 30 minute sessions. I don't remember all of the details of their scores and what they had issues with, but their scores were pretty much identical and they both lacked the ability to correctly make most of the sounds that they should by four. The speech path had to go back and make some corrections to the paperwork and then we should be receiving a copy. If anything is different than what I remember, I can update then.

After leaving their speech appointment, we we straight to their 4 year check up. Here are their stats:

Height: 38.5 inches
Weight: 32.5 pounds

Height: 39 inches
Weight: 33 pounds

Both girls are still peanuts, but healthy and growing. They did great through their entire appointment and were brave girls. As the appointment was coming to a close, our pediatrician asked if we wanted to receive their four remaining vaccinations at this appointment or wait until their 5 year appointment. These are the last four they need before starting kindergarten (fall 2014). We decided to go ahead and get them right away and just get them over with. While they were already being poked we threw in the flu shot as well since the mist is no longer available at their office. Let's just say, Lillian and Claire were not happy when they heard this discussion. We distracted them while we waited for the nurse to come back and give the pokes, I had jelly beans in my purse and bribed them. Lillian was the first to receive her shots, with the first she just said "Ow, that hurts!" The next one came with tears and the third and fourth were followed with sobs and screams. She held her arms straight out for at least a minute screaming in pain and not wanting to put her arms down. Claire started crying sympathy tears for Lillian and her story went about the same and Lillian. Even a giant lollipop did nothing to calm them down. When we arrived home, they both had a dose of Tylenol and finally calmed down. I am thankful for my two healthy girls and I am as thankful that they will not need any more vaccinations until they are ten years old.

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  1. Well, this is a big step to get the girls the help they need! I bet it will make a world of difference in just a short time.