Sunday, January 27, 2013

Speech Therapy

This past week, Lillian and Claire started speech therapy. They will both receive services twice a week, thirty minutes each session. They recently both tested at a significant delay in articulation and speech intelligibility, which means the speech pathologist that tested them were unable to clearly understand what they were saying when in conversation. Claire was able to correctly produce 28 of 69 phonemes (sounds) tested. Lillian was able to correctly produce 27 of those 69 phonemes tested.
We will take them every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to the school districts early childhood center and they are in a small group, I believe at this time there is only one other little boy with them. The girls know him as the boy with the cook ninja backpack. Anyway, on Tuesday, their first day, the therapist had them play and talked with each of them to listen to them talk and focused on which sounds they were correctly making, but unable to use in the correct order of the word. Thursday, they started to work on the /k/ sound. They are able to make the sound, but are unable to place it at the start of the word, instead they substitute it for the /g/ sound. So, cookie is said, "gookie," Claire is said, "gee." When talking with the therapist, she said since they can make the sound in words, it will be on of the easier sounds to correct and teach them how to place it at the start of the word. They will probably then move to the /p/ and /d/ sounds.
I am sure this will be a long and frustrating road for them, and us, since they can't hear the difference in what they are saying and they see nothing wrong with the way they speak. I am so thankful though that we have an amazing school district that is providing us with the much needed services that we need. I just wish I would have thought of taking them in sooner.

And since it has been awhile since I have shared photos, here is a quick shot from about a week ago.

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