Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mud Pies

Off and on we have been experiencing some slightly warmer days. The sun shines bright and we spend as much time playing outside as possible. Of course playing outside this time of the year on a warm day means mud and Lillian and Claire are not afraid to get dirty. They flock to the puddles of water and mix in some dirt and create "chocolate milk" as they call it. The more sludge the better.

 They dug out their water table toys and filled those with their lovely concoction. Nothing is safe from these two when they start to get dirty.

 They decided their cars needed to be washed, so they received a nice mud bath. It wasn't too long after we went inside and Lillian and Claire received a bath as well. It's not often they get one before dinner, but from the messes they made, it was necessary.



I love that they have so much fun being outside. Every time we go out they keep entertained for hours and we have to drag them inside for dinner or bed time.

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