Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday we had new windows put in our home. Well, not all of our were replaced, but all of the bedroom windows, our large living room window and our sliding patio door. American Exteriors did a wonderful job and the new windows without grids really make the windows seem so much larger. They arrived at our home at 8:30am and were cleaned up and gone around 1pm. Josh was home with the girls and I was at work while the windows were being installed. When I came home you could feel the difference in our home already. The temperature seemed so much warmer even though the thermostat was at the same temperature and while sitting in my favorite corner of the couch there was no longer a draft from the large window. I am certain that  the money we will save on our heating a cooling bills will help pay for the cost of the windows. 


We have been living in our house for more than 6 years now and I have never been a fan of the green around the windows and on the front door. Now that we have these beautiful new windows, I think the color looks even more dingy. Guess it is time to buy some paint and get those take care of this spring.

The before pictures were taken Monday afternoon and the after pictures were taken Tuesday afternoon. I love seeing how much snow has melted in those 24 hours.

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