Friday, April 26, 2013

Love Them!

Things have been a little busy over here and again, blogging has taken a back seat. The weather has been crazy and as a result has caused some (hopefully) slight leaking on our roof which is finally be fixed this weekend. We took a trip to the St. Louis area to visit two of Josh's sisters and visit with four of our nieces. Adding to the craziness, we have reached the final three weeks of school and that means conferences for me on top of regular school prep and hours. Oh, and because I am in the final weeks of school, it also means I am in full on job seeking mode. I think it is safe to say that I hate job searching. I have sent my resume to probably 2 dozen places and have only heard back from a few and neither sound like a good fit for me and our family.
It crushed me tonight telling them I will not be their teacher next year when they were excitedly talking about it. I quickly changed the subject since they wont understand, heck, I hardly understand most of what has happened, but it is what it is. Alright, I am done with that.
Here are my two little beauties, they sure can made any tough day a whole lot brighter with those smirks.

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