Friday, May 10, 2013

Field Trip

Last week Monday we took a field trip with school to Paradise Park and to a small family farm of one of the students. I wasn't able to join the girls in their first Paradise Park experience since I was busy with my class, but Josh had the day off work and he was able to see all their smiles and excitement. After our time at Paradise Park, we loaded up and drove out to a small farm with the rest of the students and parents for a picnic lunch and play time. They had the most beautiful horses there. Lillian and Claire were a little nervous at first seeing them up close, but it didn't take them long to overcome their fears. They were picking up pieces of hay off the ground and giggled while feeding the horses.
The weather was perfect and we all had a fabulous day together.
 Lillian feeding one of the horses.
 Claire smiling for a picture with the two horses.

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