Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cavity Bugs

In the beginning of June I took Lillian to get her first cavity filled. She was a brave girl and didn't really show any sign of nervousness leading up to that day or even that morning. The nerves finally set in and showed as we walked through the waiting room doors and back to the dental chair. I am sure part of it was leaving Claire behind in the waiting room. Lillian and Claire are rarely apart from each other, probably something that we need to work on and have them spend more time away from each other, even if it is just a grocery trip. Anyways, she was very hesitant to sit in the chair by herself. For their dental check ups they have been sitting on our laps so we don't have to deal with that fight, but this time that couldn't happen. I helped her up onto the chair and she was in a trance watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the screen. She didn't say a peep the entire time back there. I am sure it was from being a scared and I don't blame her one bit. She finally leaned back and started to relax after our dentist gave her some laughing gas. She was still in the TMNT trance for the entire procedure. It was quick and she was a champ. Once the procedure was complete and the gas was turned off, she finally started to talk and laugh. She was excited to go out to the waiting room and tell Claire all about the little vacuum that sucked out her cavity bugs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's a War

We had a battle in our back yard a few weeks ago and we all got soaked. Last month we bought a four pack of water guns, nothing fancy, small enough for the girls hands, but big enough to have a quality water fight. We had a blast out there. Lillian and Claire chased Josh and I in circles around the yard and we took cover where we could. There was no avoiding it though, they were on a mission to soak us and they succeeded.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wisconsin Trip

Ready for a picture overload? It's funny, because I didn't really take that many photos while up there, most of them are just randoms of Lillian and Claire. I do have a bunch more photos on my phone and eventually I will get around to downloading and uploading those, but for now you get the ones off my camera.
We started our trip up by spending a few days with my mom. While there the weather was much colder and wetter than we had planned on so we spent most of our time indoors. Here are a few silly pictures of the girls in my mom's yard.

The main reason for our trip to Wisconsin was to celebrate with my sister and her new husband at their wedding. The only pictures I have from that day was from when we were getting our hair done. Both my camera and my phone where put away the remainder of the day, so I don't have any photos of us actually dressed and fully ready for the day. I'm excited to see pictures from that day!

 The next two days after the wedding were busy with the opening of gifts lunch and then having a little bit of time to spend with my dad. The girls loved running through the yard and picking tulip and riding bikes up and down the street. That night, we went to Celebrate De Pere. Lillian and Claire had a blast going on rides, listening to music and being around all the people. We stayed up late and they were in awe of the fireworks we were able to watch.

 Monday, Memorial Day, was our last day in Wisconsin. My dad and Sandy have been working for the past year building a new cabin up there and I was excited for the chance to get up there and see all of their hard work. The new cabin is beautiful and I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be once it is complete.
 Claire found a "butterfly" and loved the little thing till its death. We had to have a little burial for it and made a headstone and all.
 We went for a walk down to the lake and all of the memories came flooding back again. I am pretty sure I said that late time I posted about going to the cabin two years ago. We were only able to spend a few hours in the north woods of Wisconsin, but we all enjoyed our time up there.

Tuesday morning we were in the car and starting our drive home at 5am. It was an early morning and a long drive, but so worth our time we had to spend with my family. It is amazing how quickly a week goes when you divide the time up like we do.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here I Am

We've had a bit of a wild month around here and I have not felt like posting. No real reason, just a lack of desire to get on here and write. There has been a whirlwind of emotions for me over everything that has been happening in our family over the last month.
The school year came to an end and while I was sad to say goodbye to my students I have grown to love, I felt relief to be moving on from that chapter of my life as well. We had one week after school ended that was busy with appointments and catching up on life. That week was also spent preparing for our week trip we took to Wisconsin to see my family and to celebrate my sisters new marriage. I have some pictures from that trip I will hopefully take the time to post soon.
This past month, actually several months, I have been taking a lot of time trying to search for a new job. I have sent dozens of applications and resumes out, I have had a few interviews, and I continue to pray that the right job will jump out and smack me in the face so I can stop questioning where I am supposed to be and what is the right fit for me. One of my options I am looking at right now I know would make me happy and I would enjoy, but it is full time and a long commute. Another option is just a few miles from home, but it might not start for a month or more. It is a new career path, but I think I would enjoy it.
Anyways, life is crazy around here, but I am loving being able to spend my days with my amazing girls. Here are a few pictures from May showing some of the many faces of Lillian and Claire.

These are from way back on Mother's Day.