Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here I Am

We've had a bit of a wild month around here and I have not felt like posting. No real reason, just a lack of desire to get on here and write. There has been a whirlwind of emotions for me over everything that has been happening in our family over the last month.
The school year came to an end and while I was sad to say goodbye to my students I have grown to love, I felt relief to be moving on from that chapter of my life as well. We had one week after school ended that was busy with appointments and catching up on life. That week was also spent preparing for our week trip we took to Wisconsin to see my family and to celebrate my sisters new marriage. I have some pictures from that trip I will hopefully take the time to post soon.
This past month, actually several months, I have been taking a lot of time trying to search for a new job. I have sent dozens of applications and resumes out, I have had a few interviews, and I continue to pray that the right job will jump out and smack me in the face so I can stop questioning where I am supposed to be and what is the right fit for me. One of my options I am looking at right now I know would make me happy and I would enjoy, but it is full time and a long commute. Another option is just a few miles from home, but it might not start for a month or more. It is a new career path, but I think I would enjoy it.
Anyways, life is crazy around here, but I am loving being able to spend my days with my amazing girls. Here are a few pictures from May showing some of the many faces of Lillian and Claire.

These are from way back on Mother's Day.

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