Thursday, July 25, 2013


For several months now we have been having some urination issues with Claire. It start back in April, Claire would be playing and dancing and then all of a sudden drop to the floor with an urgency of needing to go to the bathroom and trying to hold it. We thought it might have been a UTI, but there was no fever or pain for her, just that urgency and frequency. After a few weeks we took her into the pediatrician. It was torture trying to get her to give a urine sample, she is stubborn and would not let go of the urine. The tests came back negative for a UTI and the doctor said he thinks it is something called Dysfunctional Voiding and that tends to go away after a few weeks. She had a few good days where she was accident free and we thought maybe we were finally done with it, but it didn't last. The urgency, frequency and constant accidents started up again. Because of the way she was acting during this, we knew it was not behavioral, but it is still so hard not to get frustrated when your four year old who has been potty trained for two years has multiple accidents a day. We made another appointment with the pediatrician as soon as she started complaining about pain. This brought another negative UTI test and no answers. Because of our concerns our pediatrician sent in a referral for a urologist at Children's Mercy so we can hopefully figure out what is causing Claire this discomfort. Even if there is not pain, she should not need to urinate every 15 minutes and have that come out of no where. Unfortunately, they are backed up and we cannot be seen until September. Claire has usually one or two good days a week being accident free or only one accident. I really hope that when we finally have our appointment and more tests we are able to figure out what is causing her so much trouble.

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