Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Baby Boy

Tuesday I went in for my 20 week prenatal check up and ultrasound to check our little ones growth and make sure everything is looking good. We started with the ultrasound, Josh, Lillian and Claire were all in the room with me and watched on the large screen as the ultrasound tech examined and measured each little part of our baby. I love that Lillian and Claire were able to be there with us and I am really hoping this is a memory that will stick with them as they grow up.
They were really excited at first seeing that sweet little face on the screen, but they quickly became bored as the tech worked from top to bottom getting measurements. Looking at the skull, brain and then abdomen was not very exciting to them. They wanted to know if baby was a boy or girl and they enjoyed seeing the arms and legs wave all around. After about 20 minutes, finally we heard what we had been waiting for, the tech said, there is what we call a turtle head, you have a boy.
Both girls have been hoping for a baby sister for well over a year now. Finding out they are going to have a baby brother instead of a baby sister was a huge disappointment for them. They right away started saying they want a sister, not a brother. Claire said we can have another baby after this one and try again for a sister. She also asked if she could still put bows in baby's hair. Josh has already declared that neither of those are options.
After a day or two they have started to come around and accept they are going to be big sisters to a baby boy. I think what won Claire over was telling her should wouldn't have to share her pink or Barbie's with a brother. Lillian will still put on her fake grumpy face, but I can tell she is excited for a boy.
The rest of the check up went great. Our baby boy is measuring right on track, is weighing roughly 13 oz., has a strong healthy heartbeat and brain development looks fantastic.
Just like my pregnancy with the girls, I have been very blessed with not having any morning sickness and over all feeling really well. The first few months I was hungry and tired constantly, but I have since moved out of that stage and now I can feel like a semi normal person again, but with a growing belly. I started, with confidence, feeling movement around 18 weeks, same as with the girls. Each day I am feeling the movement become stronger and more consistent. This little guy is most active while I am sitting at my desk at work or in the evening after the girls are in bed and Josh and I are spending time together in the living room.
Now comes the fun in having to clean out our guest room and figure out where we are going to put everything that has been stored in there for the last 7.5 years and turn it into a nursery.

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