Friday, January 31, 2014


I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant, which I guess makes me in the middle of month 6 of being pregnant. When someone asks me how far a long I am, I never know if I should answer in weeks or months. Everything now is measured in weeks during pregnancy and I never know the conversion of weeks to months, just that we hope baby stays put until 40 weeks, or as close as possible.
This pregnancy has been very different than when I was pregnant with Lillian and Claire, you know, besides the fact that there is only one brewing this time. I am still tired all the time, but life happens and I don't get to nap like I did during my first pregnancy. I also get terrible heartburn this time around. Last time, it came towards the end and wasn't often. Another difference, I burp all the time. However, one thing that is similar is the feeling of movement. When I was pregnant with the girls I felt those first flutters, with certainty, at 18 weeks. Josh was able to feel our girls move the first time at 23 weeks and they haven't slowed down a bit since. This time, I felt those flutters again at 18 weeks. At almost 22 weeks, Lillian, Claire and myself were snuggling on the couch watching a movie while Josh was stuck at work. They felt their brother kick/punch them for the first time that night. It took a few more days after that before Josh felt him move and since then he has been a wiggle worm and is always moving.
I love that Lillian and Claire kiss baby goodbye in the mornings when I leave for work when they kiss me goodbye. They hug my belly and whisper secrets to him already. Claire comes up with new name ideas daily, her favorites include Alex, Andrew, Tyler, Aiden, and Owen. Lillian hasn't had many name suggestions, but that's okay, because I am at a loss as well. I figure we have until the day we leave the hospital with him to pick a name, no need to rush and settle on a name that doesn't feel right.
I haven't taken many pictures of my growing belly yet, but I assure you, it is hard to miss. Maybe this weekend I will attempt a picture.

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