Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February Snow

Since we are only days away from spring officially starting, I thought it was about time I finally post a few pictures from our big snow storm we had in February. Thankfully, Josh was off work and my office closed for the day, so we had an unexpected family day and a lot of snow.
When we woke up in the morning the ground was barely covered, by mid-morning cars were getting stuck driving down out street and as the day progressed the snow became deeper and deeper. I think Josh shoveled 4 times throughout the day trying to keep up and again the following morning before he headed off to work.
Lillian and Claire were so excited to finally have snow to play in this winter, we had a few smaller snow falls earlier in the season, but it was never enough to play in or the temperatures were so cold it wasn't safe to play outside. The pictures below are from our first trip outside, around mid-morning and the snow was 3-4 inches deep. They went down the front hill so many times the grass was exposed and then it was time to head back in to warm up. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

28 Weeks

Some how I am already 28 weeks pregnant. That means I am already in my third trimester and only have 12 weeks left until we meet our little guy. Overall I have been feeling pretty good. Sleeping has been uncomfortable for several weeks now. I have to wake up to rotate and my hips hurt like you wouldn't believe, so that makes moving around even more difficult. I really do not remember my hips hurting this bad when I was pregnant with Lillian and Claire. During the day I am tired, but I think that mostly stems from the lack of solid sleep at night and the lack of caffeine. Oh, and the girls and I have had colds and with lots of congestion for the past week, so that keeps us from getting solid sleep as well.
Last week I had an ultrasound my doctor ordered. When I went for my 20 week growth scan ultrasound there were a few measurements that the tech was unable to get or missed and my doctor was wanting them done. Once again, it was a family event with all four of us in the room. It was much quicker since we didn't need the full body scan. We had a nice surprise when the ultrasound tech switched over from the regular images to the 4D image and we were able to see so much detail on our little man's face. He gave us a little smile and has the cutest little face. I think he has more of the Zullner nose than a Ward nose at this point. Below is one of the images we came home with from the office, I love looking at that sweet face. 

The past few weekends we have also started the transition in turning the guest/storage room into a nursery. It was a lot of work clearing out 7.5 years worth of items that has collected in that room. We have donated several trash bags and boxes of items, I sold a few larger things, tons have been thrown away and we have a large pile of things that need to find a new place to be stored in the house. Yesterday we started the processes of painting. Lillian and Claire added the first bit of color to the walls and painted some lovely pictures on the walls, but eventually they were kicked out of the room when the paint was starting to drip and make a mess. The walls are now completely painted. Hopefully this coming weekend I will be able to work on painting all of the wood trim and then we can really get to work on creating our nursery.

Baby is still without a name for those of you wondering, but I promise he will have a name before he comes home from the hospital. :-)