Sunday, May 18, 2014

Final Countdown

Tomorrow I'll be 39 weeks pregnant an we are all very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy. Some days it seems like I just found out I was pregnant and starting telling people and some days it feels like I have been pregnant forever. While I complain about the constant pain in my hips, the giant and heavy beach ball belly, the lack of sleep and discomfort, I really do enjoy being pregnant most of the time. Baby boy is my driving companion on the way to and from work. I'll talk to him, probably looking like a crazy person to those driving around me, he moves around to the music on the radio and will stop when commercials start playing. I love watching his move around and looking like an alien in my belly. I love that Lillian and Claire hug and kiss my belly. They talk to him and tell him they love him throughout the day. We talk about what we think he might look like. Lillian and Claire are excited to teach him new things and snuggle him. Claire is excited to pinch chubby cheeks.
In the next week or so we will welcome our baby boy into the world and also celebrate Lillian and Claire's last day of pre-kindergarten. Life is about to get crazy and even more wonderful in our home and I cannot wait!

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