Thursday, July 31, 2014

Henry is 2 Months

Every parent says it and every parent means it, I can't believe my baby is (fill in the blank) old. Where has the past two months gone? Our little nugget, Henry, is now two months old and it has been an amazing two months learning about our little man, watching him grow and learn and watching everyone fall more in love with each other every day.

At two months Henry:

Smiles and squishes up his entire face
Talks with coos and gurgles
Nurses every 2.5 - 3 hours
Most nights will sleep a 6 hour stretch
Looks around watching Lillian and Claire and other movements
Wears 3 month clothes, but they are starting to get snug.
Wiggles constantly, but when it is time to sleep, he loves to be swaddled tight with his left arm out.
Sucks on his hand and arm for comfort

Weight: 14 lb 7 oz    96%
Height: 24.5 inches  94%

Monday, July 14, 2014

Life with Three

We are now 6 weeks into life as a family of 5 and we seem to have feel into some sort of routine just in time for Josh to return back work. Our three adorable kiddos are keeping us on our toes, but we have been also trying to take as much time as possible to soak it all in and enjoying the moments that are flying by.
Lillian and Claire are amazing big sisters. They give Henry kisses first thing in the morning and right before bed at night. Claire is often the diaper prep girl. When Henry needs his diaper changed, she will quickly run to his room, grab a diaper and open it up, pull out a wipe and get everything all ready for a changing. They both love to snuggle with him, sing to him and talk to him when he is upset. Their favorite song to sing is "You Are My Sunshine." They lay on the floor with him and cuddle next to him during tummy time and read him books.
We have been trying our hardest to get out of the house and keep them busy, but unfortunately working around feedings and a grumpy baby makes things difficult. We have had to cut park visits short and leave places because of a screaming baby. We have gone on many walks which has results in many skinned knees and other scrapes and bruises when they go flying down the sidewalks on their scooters.
There has been a big adjustment in life, but we are also working hard on not shushing the girls when Henry is sleeping or keeping them from smothering him with hugs and kisses by telling them to be gentle. Lillian and Claire love Henry to pieces.
I worried a lot during my pregnancy about adding a new baby to our family. We had been so comfortable and happy as a family of four. Lillian and Claire are five and about to start kindergarten. What were we thinking adding another baby and how would that disrupt our routine and what we know? Henry has been the perfect fit for our family. Before Henry life felt complete at times, but now with him in our lives it really feels perfect and complete. Life isn't disrupted, but better than I could imagine. Sure we get less sleep, my ears ring from his loud cry, but he is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.