Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

August 20th was Lillian and Claire's first day of kindergarten. They have been excited to start all summer, but as the day grew closer, their excitement grew stronger. The night before they were starting to get a little nervous and so was I. Thankfully, Josh was able to go into work late the morning of their first day so we could share in this experience together as a family.
We had a bit of a melt down with Claire. She didn't want to wear the outfit that was set aside for the first day, the skirt she begged to buy in July and refused to wear it for a month so it would stay nice for the first day of school. She said it was "too much pink." If you know Claire even the slightest bit, you will know there is no such thing as too much pink for this girl, she will wear head to toe pink every single day if allowed. Once we got over that hurdle, the rest of the morning before school went smoothly. They were excited to wait for the bus and walked right up to it and climbed on as soon as it pulled up. After the bus took them, Josh, Henry and myself loaded into the car and drove up to school to meet them getting off the bus. We could have walked them into school, but I knew I would become a fountain of tears and I also think it would have been more difficult for Lillian and Claire to say goodbye. We gave them a hug and kiss and they walked into school holding hands. Melts my heart. 

They were very happy girls getting off the bus at the end of the school day. They told us they had so much fun and "school is awesome!" They told us about some of their friends in their class, but of course had no idea what their names are. They were excited to see some of their friends from church and pre-k on the playground during recess. I loved hearing everything they had to share and their love for school.
August 20th is also Josh and my wedding anniversary. I love how full and wonderful our lives have become in the 9 years since our wedding day. 

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