Thursday, September 4, 2014

Always Smiling

"Always smiling." Those words were among some of the many wonderful words Lillian and Claire's kindergarten teacher spoke to me in a voicemail. Their teacher called me and left me a message yesterday while we were walking back from the bus stop, she said they are so well behaved, raise their hands, actively participates, always come in smiling, cleans up their messes, and are a joy to be around.
She did admit she is still trying to learn their differences and sometimes mixes them up and they correct her. However, I am thankful she is working on learning those differences, they have had a preschool teacher in the past who always clumped them as one and didn't care about learning them as individuals.
Lillian and Claire come home from school and, with a little encouragement, will share some of their highs and lows for the day about school. They seem to love kindergarten and it was wonderful heari that they are being respectful and kind while there.

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