Friday, November 7, 2014

Two Princesses and a Dino

Lillian had decided months ago that she wanted to be Elsa for Halloween this year. Claire was unsure for the longest time and then finally decided on a fairy. Well, the fairy quickly changed to an ice princess when she saw all of the sparkly and shiny materials we bought to make Lillian's costume. Then she wanted to be Pinkalicious when I told her she could still have sparkle and pink. We were at the store picking out all of her pink for a Pinkalicious dress when she decided to be a pink princess. Well, the day before Halloween she decided she no longer wanted to wear the pink  dress I had made for her and she wanted to wear her Power Rangers costume again. This is only because the little boy she sits next to at school was going to be the Red Ranger and she thought it would be cool to be Power Rangers together. Not wanting to get into a fight the morning of Halloween before school, we made a deal, she could wear her Power Ranger costume to school, but if she wanted to go trick or treating, she would have to wear her dress I made. Deal.
Here are a few pictures before we went trick or treating on Halloween. It was so cold, but we walked a few blocks as it went from light to dark. The girls loved pointing on the houses of the kids on the bus and running into friends from their class and their bus. It is so fun seeing them interact and build relationships with other children. Henry was bundled up under his dinosaur costume and a blanket on top, he was so cozy he ended up falling asleep as we walked.

It was difficult to get really good pictures of their dresses I made since it was so cold and they were shrugging to keep warm. Henry also had an adorable tale on his costume.

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