Monday, December 29, 2014

6 Years Old

On Monday Lillian and Claire turned 6 years old. They have been so excited for the birthday for months. Lillian even complained that it has been 100 years since their last birthday and why does everyone else get a birthday before them. Their day finally arrived and my baby girls are now 6 years old!
We made it a fun filled family day for them. The day started with them running out of their room with a door way covered in streamers, the hall was decorated in streams and they also hung all over the living room. The living room had balloons and their gifts were sitting out waiting to be opened. After opening gifts we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and spent the morning lounging watching cartoons and making birthday cakes while Josh and I took turns getting ready for the day and Henry took a nap. For lunch they requested McDonald's. They asked a few days prior if we could go to the bowling alley so they could play the arcade games, we de decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese for the first time to play games. They loved it! We bought a ton of tokens and spent hours playing games. They especially loved the bumper cars. After all of their hard work winning tickets, they both left with a silly straw, Laffy Taffy and a box of Nerds.
When we arrived home they had a Nerf war with Josh playing with their new crossbows. We had Grandma Pattie, Grandpa Jim and Aunt Maggie over for pizza, cake and more presents.
Every night at dinner we discuss our highs and lows of the day. They both declared the entire day was their high and they didn't have a low. I would call that a birthday success.

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