Friday, April 3, 2015

Henry 10 Months

Our little man turned 10 months old on Monday! I find it crazy that I have already picked out a date for his first birthday party and decided on a theme. How is it possible that we are now less than two months from my baby turning one. Will someone please quickly figure out a way to freeze time, the days are going too quickly.
At 10 months:
Finally sleeping through the night most nights!
Loves trying new foods, but spits some out, including bananas.
As of today, he has 8 teeth, four on top, four on bottom.
Crawls and cruises while holding onto things.
Laughs when he dumps boxes of toys on the floor.
Loves swinging.
Still nurses every 3-4 hours and starting to stretch them out further.
Climbs and "wrestles" with Lillian, Claire and Daddy.
Gives kisses, waves hi and bye, signs for more.
Loves being outside and going for walks, but does not like the grass in his toes and fingers.
Smiles and squeals when he sees Lillian and Claire get off the bus after school.


We sure love Henry!