Thursday, May 7, 2015

Henry 11 Months Old

This post is a week late and I don't have my usual monthly pictures of Henry to go along with it, but our little Henry is already 11 months old and amazing as ever. Poor Henry has been completely thrown off with Josh being admitted to the hospital in critical condition three weeks ago today. I'm not going to post about everything going on with him here since there has been a daily journal both on facebook and on a Caring Bridge page. Even though Henry is young and thankfully will not remember this difficult time, he is the one who has really been rocked by it. The first 10.5 months of his life we have spent almost all day, every day together. We were hardly ever apart. When Josh was admitted to the hospital there was some forced weaning from breast feeding during the day. He now had to get used to spending long hours with various people so I could spend as much time as possible by Josh's side at the hospital. That first week was rough for him, the second was slightly better and this past week Henry seems to love the extra attention from others.

At 11 months old:

Henry has 8 teeth.
Naps are all over the place since he is with someone different daily.
Most nights sleeps from 8pm - 6:30am with at least one wake up over night.
Took his first steps last week on April 28th.
Loves to feed himself finger foods, loves peas, hot dogs, pasta, apples, pears, green beans, hates bananas.
Climbs the stairs and tries to get into tight spaces.
Enjoys digging through cabinets and closing doors behind him.
Wears 12 month clothes most of the time, but some 9 month and 18 month fit depending on the brand and fit. So strange!
Henry is always on the move and hates the feeling of grass on his fingers and toes, he still loves being outside though.
He gets the biggest belly laugh watching the girls play the Wii with sword fighting or Just Dance.
Henry has the most contagious smile. Those dimples!

I know there is so much more to write about Henry at 11 months old, but my brain is fried and I have been living in a constant state of exhaustion. We love our little guy more than life itself. He completes our family and has been the absolute highlight of our year.

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