Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love My Monsters!

I am really getting to be so bad about updating, but I am going to try harder. Lillian and Claire are both starting to eat more table food and less puree. It is so wonderful not having to send everything through the food processor and just having to chop it up a bit. They are currently loving pasta and almost every fruit. They still have strong disliking of peas, but enjoy their green beans and carrots. I am so excited for the 9 month well baby appointment on Tuesday to see how big my little chunkers are and to ask my millions of questions I have been storing up! They are just silly questions, but that's okay. I am so happy today is Friday and I get to spend all weekend with my girls, after the last week or two I have had, I need all the baby cuddles and smiles I can get!

Lillian was on a mission to get over to me as fast as possible.
Claire making her way along the couch.
Lillian being a goon.
Claire modeling cousin Kaiden's tutu I made last night.
Note to self: don't make them so big for the girls, they might get lost in the tulle.

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