Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Girl Beds

The switch has been made, I have to say, I am very surprised with how well it has gone so far. After the girls woke up from their afternoon nap on Thursday, I took off the front rail of their crib and added the guard rail to make it into a toddler bed. Josh was working that day and I knew if we waiting until he got off work at 7pm, it would be a late bedtime and they would not be so willing to lay down right away without having time to explore and play in their new beds.

They were both so excited about the transformation and being big girls now. We went over the rules for big girl beds many, many times over the past few weeks, but even more that evening. The rules are very simple.
-No jumping in bed, because you can fall out.
-You must stay in bed until Mommy or Daddy come to get you.
That's it, simple, right? We had a little sit down right before they climbed into bed for the night to cover the rules again. We also told them that if they cannot follow these rules and stay in bed, then they will get their cribs back since they are not acting like big girls, they don't get big girl beds. I made up a small sticker chart for them, only 6 spots to fill. Each nap and bed time they stay in bed, they will get a sticker. Once all their boxes are filled, then we will take a trip to Target and they can pick out any toy they want. Yup, it's a bribe and I don't care one bit. Luckily, they are easy to please and Lillian was so excited over some pencils she saw on our last Target trip, so I am not expecting thing too out of control for toy picks.

 Lillian, especially, loves sitting with her feet dangling off the side of her bed.

 Claire is all snuggled in for her first night of sleep in her big girl bed.
 Lillian is snuggled and ready.

Like I have already said, I was very impressed and surprised with how well they did. Lillian did get out of bed once, but it was to climb into bed with Claire to read a book with her. After we reminded them of the rules, they both stayed put and made no other attempts. They were awake and chatting until 11:30pm, which also made it a very late night for us. Sadly, this is not uncommon for them to be awake so late. There are many nights they sit and chat with each other for hours until finally falling asleep. I think that night though, there were also nerves. While I was making the crib-bed transformation, they both told me they needed something in the spot that was open on the rail because they were going to fall out. So far, no one has fallen out. Both girls stayed in bed all night and were still there waiting for us Friday morning.
Friday at nap time was a little more difficult. Claire, my little ring leader, again was working her hardest to convince Lillian to get out of bed. "It's okay Lillian, I hold your hand and you come to my bed." Sure enough, I was watching through the cracked door and Lillian reaches for Claire's hand and walks over to Claire's bed. Right away I went in, reminded them of the rules and that was the end of it. Again, they chatted and played in bed, but they do that most days instead of napping.
Friday night, there were no attempts at getting out of bed by either of them. When Josh went into their room this morning, Lillian was in Claire's bed. When Lillian was asked why she got out of her bed, it was "because I need to give Claire a hug." How can you be mad at that?

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