Tuesday, March 18, 2014

February Snow

Since we are only days away from spring officially starting, I thought it was about time I finally post a few pictures from our big snow storm we had in February. Thankfully, Josh was off work and my office closed for the day, so we had an unexpected family day and a lot of snow.
When we woke up in the morning the ground was barely covered, by mid-morning cars were getting stuck driving down out street and as the day progressed the snow became deeper and deeper. I think Josh shoveled 4 times throughout the day trying to keep up and again the following morning before he headed off to work.
Lillian and Claire were so excited to finally have snow to play in this winter, we had a few smaller snow falls earlier in the season, but it was never enough to play in or the temperatures were so cold it wasn't safe to play outside. The pictures below are from our first trip outside, around mid-morning and the snow was 3-4 inches deep. They went down the front hill so many times the grass was exposed and then it was time to head back in to warm up. 

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