Thursday, January 1, 2015

Highlights at 6 Years Old

I was going to wait until after Lillian and Claire's 6 year well visits to the doctor to post, but since it isn't for another week, I decided that was too long to wait. I wanted all of their 6 year measurements included in the post to make it complete, but guess I'll have to type up something next week with those.

Lillian at 6 years old:

Favorite color is yellow
Wants to be an art teacher when she grows up
Loves anything crafty and fashion related
Enjoys building with Legos, playing with Barbie's, drawing, and pretend play
Favorite books are anything with Fancy Nancy
Favorite movie is Frozen, loves Elsa
Enjoys singing, dancing and acting
Loves mustard on everything, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries, etc.
Favorite subjects in school are math and art

Claire at 6 years old:

Favorite color is pink
Enjoys reading and writing
Favorite books are anything with Fancy Nancy
Loves making Henry giggle
Enjoys drawing and crafting, building with Legos and Barbie
Favorite animal is a giraffe
Favorite food is Mac and Cheese
Complete pack-rat and doesn't want to throw anything away. Ever!
Favorite subject in school is art

They both have grown leaps and bounds with their speech and meet twice a week with their speech therapist at school. They enjoy school, Daisy Girl Scouts, playing with friends, attending church, and adore Henry. They have been cruising through their sight words at school and enjoy reading everything possible. They love playing Wii with Daddy.

Lillian and Claire are growing way too fast for us, but are still the most amazing, kind and loving little girls.

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