Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 months!

I can't believe it, Lillian and Claire are already 2 months old today! They are getting too big too fast. Yesterday I finally had my first outing alone with them. I took them to a friends baby shower so I wasn't really alone, but it was still a big deal. They did a great job, except for all the fussing,  but we all survived. It could have been another rough evening with them, but luckily Kylie came to the rescue and came over to help, she even brought cake! So tomorrow is the big day I have been dreading; back to work I go. The girls will be coming with me while I teach and will be in the infant room just down the hall, so that will help, but I am still not ready. I guess today I finally have to try on all my old work pants and see which ones will fit, I probably should not have put that off. Oh well. Here are some more  pictures of Lillian and Claire. 

Claire and Lillian having some tummy time
They were having so much fun checking eveything out on their play mat
We are in position to do some feeding

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