Monday, July 2, 2012

The Beach

*Warning, you are in for a photo overload*

Last week Sunday our church held their annual baptism ceremony at Longview Lake, this was also the start of our heat wave that doesn't seem to have an end in sight. The evening didn't begin until 7pm, so I had the girls ready to go, with buckets and shovels in hand, so we could head over as soon as Josh was home from work. They were so excited to go to the beach. This is their first experience with a sandy beach and walking into a lake. I think it is safe to say they loved it. If they didn't let you know by their excitement when we arrived, they sure let us know with their melt downs when it was time to leave.

 You can see everyone in the picture below watching the baptisms in the lake. Behind us there were many other families and kids of all ages playing in the sand and water.

 They were covered in sand from making sand angels. Almost every inch of them was covered.
Lillian was fighting when it was time to leave. She refused to walk, but got mad when I carried her. She was crying saying she wanted to stay at the beach by herself and didn't want to go home. Then she was upset because people were looking at her. I said, "of course they are looking at you. You are a cute little girl, covered in sand and throwing the mother of all fits." She just put her head down and walked with some foot stomping and heavy huffs.
I promised them we would go back to the beach soon, but with temperatures in the triple digits, there is no way I am sitting in that sun and heat with them. Hopefully it will cool down just a bit, so we can finally enjoy some outside time again.

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