Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our July 4th

July 4th in our house usually ends up being just Lillian, Claire and myself at home. Josh is usually scheduled to work or roped into working overtime. This year was different. This year, Josh only had to work a few hours in the morning and was home when the girls were starting to wake up. Our heat wave has continued and so has our drought, but we ignored that for a short time in the morning and played in the new snake sprinkler in the yard. 

 After lunch and naps (yup, they took short naps), Grandma Pattie, Grandpa Jim and Kaiden came over for dinner and lots of playing. The three girls have had a blast playing with each other while Kaiden visited.
 After dinner we headed to the front of our house to do a few fireworks. It was about 95 degrees out, but the girls didn't seem to notice one bit. Our fireworks were pretty simple, snakes, snap dragons (those popper things you throw at the ground), smoke things and the parachute guys. To the adults, we thought they were nothing to get too excited about, but the little ones thought they were the most exciting thing ever.

 Lillian sat on my lap most of the time outside with her hands on her ears whether the fireworks make noise or not.

After everyone went home and the mess was cleaned up, we loaded the girls into the car and headed out for a local fireworks display. They were not the cities big ones, since those were done the night before and Josh was working. I was not about to take the girls by myself, although I wanted to, because they were extremely crabby. Anyways, we headed out and I don't now if the girls or I were more excited. I love attending firework displays and this is now our seventh summer living in the Kansas City area and only our second time Josh and I have been able to see them together. This was also the girls first real display. I think it is safe to say, they loved them. We were far enough away that it wasn't smokey or too loud. We didn't have to strain our necks to see them and were able to sit on the sidewalk right along side our car. It worked perfectly since the girls had been drinking a ton of water all evening and were asking to go potty several times. We put the potty chair in the back of the car and since no one else was by us, they did their thing and didn't have to stop watching the display.

We had a great holiday this year. It was wonderful having Josh home with us and feeling like a normal family together on a holiday.

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