Friday, January 3, 2014

Lillian & Claire Turn 5!

Actually, they turned five almost two weeks ago, but like everyone else, these last few weeks have been extremely busy and I have not taken the time to write anything about it.
These past five years have been amazing watching my baby girls grow into sweet little girls. Lillian loves to perform. She is always singing and dancing. Sometimes they are songs she hears on the radio or from a show, but she also makes up her own songs and sings them with so much pride. She talks with her hands and pops that little hip of hers out. Her favorite color is still yellow. She eats mustard on her hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers.
Claire loves to talk, especially when in the car. She is very curious and is always asking questions and wanting to know more. She takes so much pride in picking out her own clothes and it usually involves head to toe pink, her favorite color.
Both girls love to snuggle, color and play with Barbie's. They love their princesses and dress up clothes, but adore their time with Daddy and watching Spiderman or Power Rangers. Their room is always a disaster from their art creations, dolls and multiple outfit changes each day. They love to help around the house with cooking and cleaning, just as long as it doesn't involve cleaning their own messes.
Their birthday fell on a Sunday this year. Sadly, Josh was working, so we had a low key day just the three of us. The day started with Lillian trying to wake Claire up by sharing her excitement over it being their birthday. When Claire had no interest in waking up yet, Lillian came and climbed in bed with me. She said to me, "mommy, I don't feel any different today. I don't feel five." Lillian is our early bird and Claire loves to spend her morning snuggled in her warm bed. After church, they were able to pick where they wanted a special birthday lunch. They both agreed on McDonald's so they could play in the Play Place. We spent almost two hours there and they had a blast with all of the kids. The night before we had an ice storm with a layer of snow, so the this was a great way to get all that energy out without going crazy in our house. They had  a little time to play in the snow after lunch while I shoveled part of our driveway. We then came inside to warm up and bake a cake together. It was a mess, we had cake mix all over the place sprinkles on the floor, but they did the work and loved it. For dinner they requested homemade pizza and cheese bread. Josh was late getting home from work, but Lillian and Claire were troopers and didn't complain about having to wait to blow out candles and open presents.
I would say overall they had a great day. The only thing that could have made it better would be to have daddy home to celebrate all day with us, but we are thankful for the evening we did have together.

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