Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7 Months

I cannot believe 7 months have passed already since Lillian and Claire were born. They have grown and developed so much and so fast. They are still getting used to eating different foods and so far they are not big fans of anything green. Their favorite is bananas and nectarines, tomorrow we will try apples. They are both army crawling and exploring everything. They love the sound it makes when they slap the kitchen floor, it is much more fun then hitting the carpet. We have started to practice using sippy cups (pictures to come) and have caught on pretty well. They know how to hold them and how to put them in their mouth. It is the whole drinking part that is trouble, they would rather get the water out and then spit it out. They are not crazy about practicing their sitting. There is too much else they would rather play with and grab at, besides, why sit still when you can be on the move? Both Lillian and Claire love Leia so much. They like going after her toys, smile and giggle with her kisses, and are always trying to "pet" her. Here are some pictures from tonight. Enjoy!

Lillian and Claire


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