Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making Baby Food!

First, I want to send out a special thank you to Maggie for letting me borrow your food processor. Tonight I spent an hour and made about a months worth of food for Lillian and Claire. I made peas, green beans, carrots, peaches and bananas. I can't wait to get to the store to buy some more fruits and vegetables and try those out. It was so easy to do and a fraction of the cost I would spend buying jarred food. Now, I just hope the girls will enjoy it all. Any suggestions on what else I should make?


  1. I posted on FB but I want to know the recipes or steps you did...We plan to do this when Samantha starts on food.

  2. A friend helped me make sweet potatoes and applesauce and they are in the freezer, waiting for Ben to be ready to try them. I am also planning to try green beans and carrots and will see how it goes after that. Several people have recommended for ideas and tips on how to make & safely store baby food.

    Also, one of the food blogs I read has posted a few ideas, some simple fruits & veggies, some slightly more complex meals for older babies. The index is here: