Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bottle Free

Claire and Lillian
Grandma Pattie teaching Lillian and Claire how to crawl through their new tunnel
Claire trying to figure it out
Lillian isn't too sure of it yet.

They sure love wrapping paper
Working on unwrapping their new tunnel and tent
Hanging out with Uncle Baris
Claire enjoyed the boxes more then she did the clothes.
Claire and Lillian

Unwrapping their fun new farm puzzle from their mini-elfs.

Not too much new going on over here except the girls are completely bottle free now. The first three nights were a bit rough, they were not at all happy about having to go to bed without that bottle, but the last two nights have gone so much better. It is so nice not having to worry about making bottles during the day and then having to wash them all at night. Not having to buy formula anymore is wonderful as well. Oh, and they are both doing great with whole milk.

Both girls are walking all over the house now and rarely ever crawl, they both have 7 teeth now and are biting into all of their food. Lillian's bottom is still clear (knocking on wood) but still has the rash on her belly. She also does this silly thing where she will plop down to the ground and will crawl with her head down on the floor and bottom in the air, she will keep going until she bumps into something, look up to see what it is and change direction. Claire enjoys picking her food off of her high chair try and dropping it down to the floor to feed Leia.

We have also introduced the girls to their toothbrushes. They love them! We gave them each their toothbrush and let them play with it for a bit while in their cribs and they of course when right to their mouths. After they play for a few minutes we make silly sounds while brushing their little teeth and both girls laugh and think it is so funny. I was worried it would be torture, but so far so good.

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