Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New skills and new tooth!

Yesterday Lillian's left "fang" came through yesterday so that makes a grand total of 4 for her now, only 1 more and she will be caught up with Claire. It is fun hearing them actually use those teeth when they are biting into their food, you can hear them bite into the crisp apple bites and bite off bits of crackers. Lillian is also starting to take more steps and is walking with more confidence. There is no slowing Claire down now. She thinks she has master the whole walking thing, so she has little Fred Flinstone legs and she gets them going so fast she topples over, so there has been a lot of head bumps lately, some she fusses over but most the time she gets back up and keeps on going.
We took Lillian to Children's Mercy on Monday to get her blood drawn. She still has that continuous rash on her tush that never fully clears for more then a few days and after trying many creams and ointments our pediatrician wants to check her zinc levels. Apparently, some babies tend to have a zinc deficiency which can lead to rashes on their bodies. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have those results back. Oh, she did great until they held her arm still so she couldn't move it during the draw, the needle didn't seem to phase her and once they let go of her she was just fine again.
Alright now for the fun stuff, here are some pictures.

Yo Gabba Gabba has a special place in Claire and Lillian's hearts. There it Tootie and Foofa.

Lillian, she loves her belly and takes every opportunity to pat it.
Leia, Lillian and Claire. All three of them love looking out the windows and being nosy neighbors.
Josh and Lillian playing around.
Claire is making her way over to get some cuddles with Josh.
This is Claire's newest trick. We had been using the base of their activity table as a barrier from the cords. However, Claire learned this snazzy new trick from cousin Dannika at Thanksgiving, just climb up into the table!
Time to chill.
It is night night time which means hallway races.
Lillian and Claire with their hair in their eyes.

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