Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going to See Daddy/Santa and the Station

Tonight was Shop with a Cop and the police department. Josh was volunteered, without his knowledge, to dress up as the big man in red, Santa. Since a few nights ago I baked 10 dozen cookies for the event, I decided to pack the girls up tonight and go for a visit to the station. First of all, the girls were a hit! It was the first time that most of the officers have seen them, besides pictures of course. Also, there were a ton of preteen kiddos there that just could not get enough of Lillian and Claire. There was one girl there who became best friends with my girls, she stopped hanging out with her friends to come play with the girls. They had fun walking all around the station and showing off all their skills. After a short wait, Santa appeared. This was not the girls first Santa experience, but they still could not take their eyes off of him. They wanted to touch the beard, pet the coat, and just examine him. Wonder how they would react if they knew it was Dad under there.

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