Sunday, July 3, 2011

The End of the First Week

We have finished our first week of potty training and I am very pleased with how well the girls are doing. Today Lillian had two accidents. The first was very small. She was able to stop herself and finish on the potty chair. The second, was just after dinner and she was being stubborn by refusing to stop playing to go sit down. Claire didn't have any accidents today. The last few days they both have had about one each, still great for only being a week in.
We have not taken them out of the house wearing just their undies yet, they always have "special undies" aka Pull Ups on. Often though, if we take a quick trip to the grocery store or another errand, we will return home and their Pull Up will still be dry.
I sometimes take the lead if they do have not gone potty for about an hour and have them take a break from what they are doing to sit. Sometimes I will insist they sit down if I notice them getting a little squirmy. However, more then half the time they will tell them they have to go or start pulling their undies down on their own.

Claire decided one night that she wanted to sit on the bit toilet as she calls it. Since then she requests to sit there often and will spend the whole day sitting up there if I let her. She likes to grab any books and magazines that are within reach and spend a little quality alone time there. 
 Lillian still wants nothing to do with the big toilet. She flips out if we ask her to sit there and runs out of the bathroom. She also enjoys some of Daddy's reading material while passing the time.

I am extremely proud of how well they are doing and can't wait to see how far they come in the next week.

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