Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Girl Cups

Slowly over the last few months we have been working on drinking from open cups, or as the girls like to call them, big girl cups. For practice we are using bathroom sized Dixie cups. I figure, perfect size for their little hands and filling them just a little at a time means less mess if/when they spill.
Lillian usually can drink like a champ out of them. Claire for some reason feels the need to stick her tongue in the cup as she drinks. I have no idea why she does this since she has been drinking their nasty bath water for the past year out of the rinsing cups in the tub just fine.
Some days they get so excited and constantly ask for big girl cups and other days they want nothing to do with them. The bright side, they know the skill and can do it. We really need to just take their sippy cups away while at the table and move to open cups full time, but I really am not ready for that messy battle yet.

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