Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day at the Cabin

Continuing on with our vacation, we drove up to the family cabin  for the day on Sunday, August 21st. My Dad bought the land in a small town called Townsend in northern Wisconsin thirty odd years ago and it has been a continuous work in progress since. Growing up we spent many weekends up there, so driving through the town and down the gravel road sent a wave of memories over me and it felt fantastic being back up there with my girls. I knew they would love having all the space to run and explore, but they seemed to have even more fun than I could ever imagine.

 Lillian quickly found the baseball bats and balls and started playing.
 Of course, once they spotted the swing set, that is where they wanted to be the rest of the day. They wanted to be pushed, push each other, and fought over who gets which swing, but in the end, it really didn't matter, as long as they had someone to swing with.


We took a few walks down the road to see the lake. They loved being able to run down the road and not have to hold a hand. Our cabin is at the end of a gravel road with very little traffic coming down. Of course, we were still always close by, but they loved the freedom.

They walked aroud the land picking blackberries with Grandma Sandy. A few made it into the bowl, but most of them went straight into their mouths.

We (Dad) grilled a simple, but delicious lunch of corn on the cob and hot dogs. We would have had freshly picked blackberries, but two little girls ate them all. 

 The thing is, you cannot head up to the cabin and not make smores, so we did. This was the girls first taste of smores and they each had their own opinion while eating them. Lillian loved every second of them. Claire enjoyed them, but was not a fan of the sticky mashmellow on her fingers and didn't want to finish it because of that.


 After lunch we took another walk down to the lake before we started our drive back home.


 We did have to make one more stop on the way home at the candy store. After walking through the shop, we let each of the girls pick a safety pop and Josh and I shared a milk shake. Don't worry, the girls had a fews sips as well.

I have so many memories of being up there when I was younger and I can only hope the girls will be able to have some as well with future trips in the coming years.

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  1. That is so sweet you were able to take them there given your memories!