Sunday, February 19, 2012

Every Sunday the girls and I go to church and when Josh has off work, he comes with us. They are always so excited to play with their friends and work on projects. At pick up time, ever since they started talking, I always ask them what they talked about that day. I ask them who they played with and various other questions. This has been part of our routine for close to a year now and they never gave me much of a response. This past month things have changed a lot. When I ask them who they played with, they each tell me a few names, almost every week I hear the names Anna, Sam and Alex. They also tell me who was being naughty and not sitting nicely and who needed to go potty. I ask them if they sang any songs, listened to a story, played any games and what they had for snack. These past few weeks I have loved asking them these questions. When I asked them what they talked about they always tell me Jesus. Today after church they told me that they learned about how Jesus helps us and they even colored pictures to go with their lesson.
Each week they share a little bit more with me and each week my heart is filled with joy listening to them and their excitement for Jesus.

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