Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party Time


This past weekend we celebrated Lillian and Claire's 4th birthday surrounded by a room full of family and friends. All I can say, these are two very blessed and loved little girls We decided against hosting their party in our home again this year since there were too many people. The venue we used was perfect, tons of space for the kids to run and play, room for everyone to sit and enjoy lunch and we still had room to spare. 
For lunch we served chili and hot dogs, which was perfect for a cold December day. We had trays of fresh fruit and vegetables and went quickly and of course some pink punch. Our niece was put in charge of the camera, so I could have pictures and still enjoy as much of the party as I could, so while I am thankful for photos, they are limited.
I had two stations set up, one was a table loaded with crayons and fairy pictures to color. I added some pirates for the boys, since they were not too interested in the fairies. The second table had little wooden bird houses we purchased at Michael's and trays of paint and brushes. All of the kids  and a few adults loved painting and taking how their very own fairy house.

 I made white cupcakes with pink butter cream frosting and adding the adorable wrappers and fairy toppers I found clearances at TJMaxx. Since I was worried we would run out of cupcakes as our guest list continued to grow, I had Josh pick up some mini cupcakes to add to the table, just in case. Only a few reminded at the end of the day.

As favors, the little girls all went home with their own pair of fairy wings and the boys took home a pirate sword. It was fun seeing all the little fairies fluttering around the party. We tried to limit the sword usage, since 7 little boys running around with a sword could cause a little chaos.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special for our precious girls. It's so hard to believe that in just three short days my babies will be turning four years old.

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