Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful and uneventful Christmas at our house this year. We were lucky to have Josh home with us, last year he spent Christmas day working. Lillian and Claire woke up shortly before 8am and waited quietly in their room for us to come get them. As soon as we opened their door, they yelled with excitement that Santa brought presents. We all took turns opening gifts and I was lucky enough to open the first one. Josh really surprised me this year and bought me a beautiful new camera that I have wanted for several years. By the way, that was your disclaimer that this will be a picture heavy post and expect to see many more posts with photos while I learn how to use my camera. 

 After opening up all of their presents, they insisted on playing with every single item they received at once. Our living room looked like something exploded in it.
 Both Claire and Lillian asked Santa for a unicorn Dream Lite and new undies. Claire was very excited to open her new undies and ran around with them on her head.
 Leia couldn't be left out with receiving gifts, she is the proud new owner of a candy cane bone, which is now half gone.
 Games were played.

 And we certainly did not have a shortage on sweets while family came over that evening.

In the afternoon, Josh's parents came over, as well as his sister, Maggie and her husband, Baris. We chatted, munched, opened more gifts and eat a wonderful dinner together.

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