Saturday, March 2, 2013


The last two weeks have brought a lot of changes for our family. Some I am not yet ready to talk about and some cannot be missed. We'll save the ones I am not ready to discuss yet for another post, maybe in a month or so. (No I am not pregnant) Another big change that has happened was not at all expected, we bought a new (to us) car. We have been talking about purchasing a new car for a few months now since both of our cars are now 10+ years old, but decided to wait until fall since both cars were functioning just fine. Well that has all changed. Earlier this week our Subaru Forrester started making a grinding noise while driven. This wasn't a pleasant sound since we just spent $1,200 replacing the rear barrings over Thanksgiving. We were hoping with all of the snow we have had the past week that there was something stuck or very minor. Josh took our car in to get checked out on Thursday and all of our breaks were needing to be replaced. This news was not happy news since we just replaced them roughly a year ago. At some point, I really have no idea how this happened, we decided to say goodbye to our 10 year old Subaru Forrester and purchase a new car.  
 We ended up finding a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan for very low mileage for a great price. I have always vowed I would never drive a minivan so it hurts me more than you know to say I am now the owner of one. Lillian and Claire love it. They think the "robot" automatic doors are the coolest thing ever and cannot believe the magic button that can open them before we even get to the van. The timing for needing to purchase a new car is terrible for several reasons, but I know we will be much more comfortable driving in this that what we currently have.

This was taken after school on Friday.
Another big change happening for us this week are new windows. About a month ago we ordered new windows for our house and they are being installed on Tuesday. I'll have to remember to post before and after pictures. Yup, like I said, not a good time for everything to be spiraling on us like this and there is even more to it all. Hopefully March brings many more positives for our family than February did because I am so over things just not working out.

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  1. Where did you order the windows through? What kind did you go with? That's something we are thinking about doing at our house too.