Sunday, August 31, 2014

Henry is 3 Months

Our little man is 3 months old and such a joy in our lives. Henry has such a contagious smile, you can't help but smile back at him when his face lights up and he gives a big gummy grin.
At 3 months:
Sleeps a solid 7 hours most nights
Smiles all the time
Started giggling at Josh at 12 weeks old
Wears 6 month clothes
Wiggles and will fully rotate while in bed
Usually takes 4 or 5 naps a day (lucky guy)
Loves the fresh air outside and looks around at everything
Had his first hotel stay and did awesome!
Bath time is more enjoyable some days that others
Starting to reach and grasp for items
Enjoys sucking on his fist
Nurses every 2 - 3 hours depending on the day


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