Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check Out Our Duck!

Since Lillian and Claire are sitting up all on their own they not longer enjoy the slightly reclining seat in their infant tub, so we moved on to the big ol' duck from Auntie Holly. If you squeeze the beak it quacks and the girls love it! This was their first time taking a bath in the duck and I think they were much happier being able to sit up fully and have more water to splash in.

Claire in the duck, playing with her duck.
Claire is trying to get herself into position to pull herself out of the tub.
Lillian refused to look at the camera, but she sure enjoyed splashing.
Lillian sitting all pretty while Claire throws a fit because she isn't feeling well and just wanted her bedtime bottle.
Lillian and Claire

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  1. I want one of those ducks for Samantha! They look so fun!!! At least, the girls sure seem to be enjoying it!!