Monday, February 15, 2010

Love, Cuddles, Mess

Lillian and Claire are becoming more and more amazing every single day and I can't see to get enough of them. Here are some pictures from the past few days.

They love being able to carry around envelopes, paper and especially love carrying around their own special cards. We discovered this at their birthday, then Christmas and now their special Valentine's from Grandma Jessie. They walk around waving them, looking at the designs, colors and they even enjoy a taste now and then.

These two little turkeys of mine sure know how to be silly. I usually have them in their cribs when getting them ready for the day, changing diapers or getting ready for bed. They tend to rip their room apart when they are able to roam free, so they need to be pinned up. Well, they have come up with this game when I go to put lotion on, put clothes on or just do their hair they quickly lay down, hide their faces and pretend they are sleeping. As you can see in this picture, they curl up with their hands by their faces to I can't get them, then they look up at me with a great big smile and hide their faces again.

They amaze me how they can make a mess out of the smallest thing! I gave them each two Mini Oreos (they are the size of a nickel) and this is what was created! Lillian was refusing to smile for the camera and this is the face she continued to give.
Claire was freely giving me smiles!
Josh gave them spaghetti for lunch on Friday and they each painted on a beard.

One last thing that they are doing lately is cuddle with each other. They will sit close together on the floor while playing or lounge and snuggle while on my couch cushion climber. Tonight Claire was trying to pick Lillian up when she was sitting down by reaching under her arm pits and trying to pull her up. Also, Lillian was reaching out and playing with Claire's hair and in a loving way, not just pulling. I love the connection they have and seeing how much they love each other. Just one more thing that amazes me about my beautiful girls.

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  1. The crib story cracks me up! They are so cute and funny!