Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wedding!

As my final post about our vacation to Wisconsin, I will talk a little about my Mom's wedding. On August 27th we had a busy day. Last minute preparation and a lot of hustle and bustle as the final hours approached, but it in the end they said "I do" and everyone had a great time, so the day was a success.

Lillian is checking out the sparkles on Grandma's dress after getting zipped up.

 Since I did not want to deal with the possibility of potty accidents in the middle of the ceremony or really, at any point during that day, the girls were in Pull Ups once we left the house. Of course, right before we were supposed to start the ceremony, Lillian yells, "I have to potty!" So, things were stalled and both girls had a quick trip to the bathroom.

We bribed the girls with gummy bears to get them down the aisle and it worked like a charm. Before the ceremony began, I gave them each a gummy bear. Since I had to walk before them, I handed a few to my brother, Mark, to give the girls and my nephew, Coy, before they had their turn to walk since he was the last one to walk with my mom. We told them Josh would be waiting for them with more after they walked. Coy was not a fan of the idea of having to hold the girls hands and be in front of a large group of people, so he held Mark's hand. Claire was so excited to be a ballerina, that she took off when it was her turn and danced her way down the aisle to Josh waving the bag of gummy bears. Lillian wasn't sure what to do, so she walked holding Grandma's hand. Hey, they all made it to the end and that was the goal. I was standing in the front laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

After the ceremony ended we took a few quick pictures before dinner was served.

Holly and I with Billy's girls, new sisters.

August 27th is also my bothers birthday, he turned 30 this year. Because of that, my mom had a small cake for him at the head table. Lillian and Claire spotted it and wanted birthday cake so badly. Forget the fact there was a large table full of cupcakes on the other side of the hall, this cake was colorful and they wanted it. They also, kept trying to blow out the candles at the tables.

Josh dipping Claire as they dance.

Claire and Auntie Holly.

Lillian and Coy checking out Andy's guitar. Andy and I graduated high school together and he and my brother have been very close friends for many many years. Andy sang as everyone walked down the aisle and also for the first dance. Mark will be the best man in Andy's wedding in just a couple weeks.

Mom and Billy

Mark and I

Josh and myself.

Siblings taking a birthday shot for Mark.

We had a great trip. It was wonderful being able to see everyone and not feel rushed taking a 10 day trip rather than a long weekend. Hopefully if everything works out, we will be heading north again for Thanksgiving. Thanks for bearing with me and how drawn out our trip posts have been, but I am finally on my way to being caught up, for now.

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    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. your daughters are so special and precious. They are beautiful and have pretty smiles. They look lovely all dressed up in their dresses for the wedding. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and have developmental delays. I love it when people sign my guestbook.