Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh the Climbing!

The newest skill learned in our house is how to climb on the couch and chair. This is a skill that Josh and I are not very excited about. Climbing means trouble, trouble means things getting pulled off tables or babies about to fall over the edge of furniture. It wouldn't be so bad if they climbed on the couch and sat down, but they insist on jumping and running the length of the couch.
Both girls can climb without any trouble on the couch, but Lillian has trouble getting on the chair, where as Claire can now almost running leap up there. They have such a look of pride once they get on the furniture, I think it is mostly because they know we do not want them up there without us next to them, especially on the couch. We are very lucky though that they no longer try to walk off the furniture, but leaning over the side is still an issue we are working on.

Here is a nice play by play of Claire.

Claire is on the couch and Lillian is following behind. Lillian seems to have less interest with the climbing, but if Claire is up then she wants to be as well.

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